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When life throws you a “chore”, it’s time for you to look for an appliance that can help you do your best! From coffeemakers and toasters, to ice makers and grills, there’s an endless array of makes, models, manufacturers and suppliers out there that can possibly fit your needs. The big question everyone often has is: What’s the best brand for me?

Helping you get more out of your day

Here, at Java Green, we do our best to help you answer that question by reviewing some of the most popular brand of appliances available for almost any task. And in doing so, we help our readers choose the right appliances for the right job. It’s really that simple!

You’ll find reviews for:

  • Ice-Maker Machines from Igloo and NewAir to Avanti and Avalon Bay – all of them top-rated in their respective categories. We’ll even address some frequently asked questions for you, like “Which portable ice makers produce the most ice per day?” or “Which one churns out ice the quickest?”
  • Our Toaster Reviews section has some of the most popular toasters reviewed for functionality, aesthetic appeal and technical abilities. You’ll find toasters from Black+Decker, Philips, Keemo, Krups and many other industry giants reviewed here
  • And if you are looking for Food Processors, we’ve reviewed some of the best in class of these appliances here. We only include the best models from renowned manufacturers such as Cuisinart, Breville, Braun, KitchenAid and more. From residential grade processors to high-impact professional multi-function devices, you’ll find them all reviewed here.

Why Us?

So, why would someone like you care about what we have to say? Well…here’s why:

  • The appliances you find here are only the best of the best! We’ve curated them from a vast ocean of similar appliances, and then only listed those that meet our high standards for quality, durability and functionality!
  • Our reviewers don’t just write their reviews by simply reading manufacturer catalogues or sales brochures. Every product reviewed is actually used and tested for the reviews you find here
  • Java Green is not an appliance manufacturer sponsored site. That means we don’t promote a particular brand or label. Instead, we’ll review competing appliances and provide you with our take on them
  • Every appliance review you come across on this site is produced by professionals who know the appliance industry and know exactly what consumers like you are looking for in an appliance. And that means you’ll find straight talk in our reviews, not sales pitches!

The founders of Java Green intended this site to serve as a one-stop resource for any appliance that you need. And from the feedback we receive regularly from appliance buyers and users like yourself, we believe we’ve succeeded in our mission!

Hundreds of our readers write in to tell us how easy it was to select the right appliance – but only after they read our reviews of multiple competing products. Many of our readers have even told us about how our reviews lead to making life easy for them. In fact, that’s exactly what we want to accomplish – help you get more out of your day by picking an appliance that works for you!

More than just cursory comments

When you are in need of an appliance, the last thing you want to hear about is how nice it looks on a desk or your kitchen table. Of course, those comments do help – but they don’t tell you a lot about the appliance!

Instead of providing you with just cursory comments about the appliances reviewed here, you’ll find in-depth assessments of how the product looks, feels, works and behaves. From intricate details on the design, to technical feedback on the materials used to manufacture it – our professional reviewers lay it all out for you. And since we are not out to “power sell” you anything, it makes it a lot easier for us to just give you the facts.

It’s really that easy and effective!

Looking for an appliance to help around the home, office, dorm room, cottage or anywhere else? Don’t just do a chore…do much more. Java Green reviews can help. We are the “go to” resource for the best appliance reviews online!