2020’s Best Toaster Reviews

The best toasters 2018 are easy to operate and low maintenance. You can use them for toasting bread, buns, and bagels. They last longer due to heavy construction. They have superior designs for increased capacity, power saving, safe usage, and plenty of color options. They are compact, lightweight and easily transportable. They work faster and produce more output per hour. They are made from the high-quality material with shock resistant construction. Here we present you with four of the best toaster brands for your home needs in 2018.

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster, Extra-Wide, Black, TR1410BD


The BLACK+DECKER TR1410BD is made of sturdy and lightweight stainless steel that is durable, safe and highly efficient in handling load. It has four large slots with the self-centering design. You can toast the thick sized artisan breads to get good quality crispiness, and even toasting.

Black Decker TR1410BD

The toaster has sufficient space to toast buns, pastries, bagels, and rolls also. There are three different buttons for the bagel, defrost, and cancel. You can control the functions with seven types of settings with the help of the two knobs.
The shade selection is an exciting feature of the BLACK+DECKER TR1410BD. It is a tool for controlling the toasting time. It works with the help of a shade control shaft which automatically ejects the toast after the required shade is reached. This toaster has seven levels of shading from the lightest to the darkest. Making the selection is very easy with the numbers marked from 1 to 7 next to the knob.
The BLACK+DECKER TR1410BD has a lift lever which raises the toasted food above the level of the top surface. You can pick up the toast without having to burn your fingers.
The defrost setting allows you to toast the foods immediately after taking them out of your refrigerator. It will allow you to increase the toasting time for getting the best level of browning to your toast. You don’t need to do any preheating of the foods before placing them in the toaster.

Sometimes you may want to stop the toasting and take out the food in the middle. The cancel button allows you to end the toasting immediately.
The BLACK+DECKER TR1410BD works on a power supply of 120 volts to give you 1500W of output. This dominant feature allows you to toast more number of bread slices, buns, and pastries in one hour than ever before.

The removable crumb trays on the side out give you the option to remove the crumbs and pieces from the toaster. You can also clean it using a soft dry cloth. Make sure you unplug the power cord before cleaning. The BLACK+DECKER TR1410BD saves power due to the lower consumption and higher output per toasting cycle.


Solid stainless steel body for durability
Seven shade selection for toasting
Large toasting for thicker bread slices, pastries, and buns
High lift for safe and secure access to slices


Power cord at the front may cause the slight inconvenience


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Philips Daily Collection Toaster HD2598_00 Long slot Compact 220V


Philips HD2598_00

The Philips HD2598_00 is made of engineering grade high-density plastic. It is resistant to heat, stress and durable for many years. The internal toasting parts are made of high-grade metal. They retain heat even after ten to fifteen minutes of toasting. The two slots can hold large and thick bread slices with automatic centering.


Safety is the main benefit you get from the toaster. It is shockproof. The exterior plastic stays cool in spite of high internal temperature. Hence, you can easily carry it from one room to another immediately after toasting.

Sometimes the bread slice may get jammed in the slot while toasting. Then the system automatically shuts down and stops working. Then you can safely remove it, clean the toaster and restart.
The Philips HD2598_00 has seven different shade settings. You can make the set with the help of a rotating knob. The numbering system locks the setting from 1 to 7. You can also change the shade setting when the toaster is working.

Toasting the bread slices after taking them out of the refrigerator is fast and straightforward. Set the defrost mode and insert the slices.

You don’t need to use the tongs to pick up the slices after toasting. The knob pops them up with the help of the new high lift feature. You can use your two fingers to take them out without the fear of burning. See, it works faster and easier. Pull down the knob, set the shade level and turn on the toaster. Hot and tasty slices will be ready to eat within minutes.

At the Philips HD2598_00 back there is a large crumb tray. Hold and pull it out after you are through with toasting. Clean and push it back. Now your toaster is free from crumbs and dust.

The power cord length is 0.85 meters. You can connect it to an extension cord and place the toaster anywhere in your home while using. It works at a voltage of 240 volts and gives an output of 1150W. You can toast the maximum number of slices within an hour for your entire family.

The Philips HD2598_00 is available in white and beige colors. It is compact in design and beautiful in appearance. Exterior cleaning of the toaster is simple. Unplug the toaster power cord. Use a soft wet cloth to clean the plastic surface. Then use a soft dry cloth to wipe. Use a coarse dry cloth to clean the trays.

There are two distinct knobs and levers on the toaster. That means you can toast only two bread slices if you don’t need four. There is also perfect coordination between the two control panels. That means they work simultaneously even when you choose to toast four slices. The toaster also gives you the freedom to select two different settings for them.

Engineering grade plastic exterior for safety and durability
Large slot size for different types of bread
Adjustable browning/shading options
Automatic shutdown when the bread gets jammed
Only two bread slots

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KEEMO 4 Slice Wide Slot Kitchen Toaster

Keemo 4 Slice Toaster

The stylish KEEMO four-slice toaster is made of high quality touch-chrome stainless steel. It is light in weight, compact in design and easy to carry. It has high resistance to shocks, rusting and corrosion, scratches, and stress. The exteriors and interiors are easy to clean and maintain.
The KEEMO four-slice toaster has seven shades of toasting capacity from light and medium to dark. The toasting happens within a time span of 1 to 4 minutes from shade level 1 to shade level 7. It is incredibly fast and gives you the maximum number of slices for your entire family within a short span of time.
The press-down knob is easy to operate. Insert the four slices and push the two levers down. They lock at the slots firmly. Then you can use the rotating knobs to set the shade levels. Turn on the toaster. The electronic buzzer will alert you after the toasting, and the slices pop up.

Take out the slices with your fingers and serve. The height of the toasted slice at the top makes it safer to hold and take out.
Reheat function allows you to warm up the toasted slice without toasting it again. That means you can afford to let the slices in the toaster until you choose to eat. It remains fresh and tasty.

The defrost button allows you to toast the slices taken freshly from out from the refrigerator. The sensor will detect the required heat and toast it to the best shade level. It also removes the traces of frost from the slices and makes it dry and crispy.

The cancel button allows you to stop the toasting at any time, without having to wait for the timer. Hence, you can control the brownness and crispiness according to your particular needs.

The sensor and the heating elements can detect the size and thickness of the slices. They automatically place them at the slot center. Hating happens evenly along the length and width of the slides. Even crispiness means there are no half-toasted or non-toasted parts on the slices.

The slot size is 5.8”L and 1.5” wide. That means KEEMO four-slice toaster can hold any size of bread from the German Bauern-Brot to the rustic farmer bread. The heart spreads quickly across the length and width of the bread, but the toasting remains within the limits you set with the controller knobs without burning the slices.

Quality and taste of the toasted bread slices when you use the KEEMO four-slice toaster. You can experience the crispiness on the crust and the rest of the slice.


FDA approved KEEMO four-slice toaster
Independently removable trays for maximum cleaning
Safe pop up for slice removal after toasting
Three attractive colors

No visible cons

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KRUPS 1500578368 KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster


KRUPS 1500578368 KH734D Breakfast Set 4-Slot Toaster

The KRUPs toaster is made of engineering grade chrome steel. The silvery finishing on the surface makes the toaster resistant to rust, scratch, stress, stains, and every form of warping and damages. The twin steel levers work smoothly while locking and popping up the toasted slices. You can use the toaster for bread and bagel with equal ease.

The toaster is highly efficient due to its six levels of shades. The rotating steel knobs let you choose the levels. You can also change the levels once the toasting starts. The heating sensors can automatically detect the changes to vary the toasting crispiness and shade.

An exciting feature of the KRUPs toaster is the LED indicator. You can see the toasting process and stopping from a distance even when you can’t hear the buzzer.

The KRUPs toaster has five function buttons. You can use them for defrost, bagel, reheat and cancel. It can handle the whole grain and rye types of bagels with different wheat flour densities. The toaster can preserve the original taste of lye, malt syrup, and salt ingredients within the bagel without altering. That means you can afford to toast the bagels at shade level six and get the same taste like the baked initially level.

Defrost Function allows you to toast refrigerated bread slices with the same level of efficiency as the bread kept at room temperature. The difference in the timing could be a few seconds/minutes more than the standard bread. It is still better compared to the waiting time to bring the bread to room temperature before toasting.

Sometimes you may forget to take out the slices after toasting and turn off the machine. The slices will be colder when you come back to eat them. You don’t need to worry. Pull down the levers, turn on the toaster and press the reheat function. Your bread slices will be crispy and tasty as good as the freshly toasted ones.

Cancel is the function you use when you wish to stop toasting before the set timer. You don’t need to turn off the toaster. It still preserves the real heat for a few minutes before you take out the slices.

Twin control panels on the toaster allow you to use two slices or four slices according to your choice. They can work independently, as well as together to ensure even toasting.The levers and function buttons are easy to operate. The toaster construction is also safer and functionally efficient. Even children can operate the KRUPs toaster when you train them about the function buttons and the levers.

The KRUPs toaster can handle every type and size of square bread. The heating depth and distribution are even along the length and breadth of every slice. Therefore the crispiness and shade also remain even. Even the bread crust gets toasted to perfection.

Chrome steel for long durability
KRUPs toaster can handle all types of bread and bagel
Easily removable crumb tray
LED lights for function indication

No visible cons

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